Your Guide on How Commence a Freelance Writing Career

Your Guide on How Commence a Freelance Writing Career

Many people often branch out to freelancing for different reasons. There is a misconception about the ease of being a freelance writer and a lot of people sign up on websites offering services and they end up deserting these profiles. Being a writer does not just involve opening a word document on your computer and writing down words on a topic. It is important to understand how to begin in order to build a strong foundation to launch your writing career.

You may need to start up by:


There is a popular phrase that states that ‘Jack of all trades master of none’. In order to begin your freelance career, you may need to pick an area of expertise and concentrate on improving your skill in that area. Experience has proven that it is better to be an expert in a field as it is better to be the first point of contact for any need that comes up in the area you choose to specialize. Also, it is necessary to choose a niche you enjoy in order to avoid struggling in the long run.


The next important step is to build a profile worthy of your abilities. Often times, freelancers describe what they are unable to offer and this may spell doom for clients who hire them when they are unable to deliver the job. In starting out, you must be honest about what you can deliver within what time and be patient to grow as a freelancer’s career takes time and effort to build.


Most newbies fail to understand the idea behind pitching and they end up not getting any clients. As a freelancer, being able to narrow down the clientele you will like to work with poses as an important step in your career. Kindly note your client’s budget and pitch within that range.


The more experience you acquire as a writer, the more money you will receive. Spend more time researching and sharpening your writing skills as this will increase your value as a freelancer and attract clients to you. It is also important to stick to your delivery promise and build a lasting business relationship with your clients as potential clients are more likely to give out jobs to freelancers with glowing feedback and comments.


Mentors are not a necessity but they will be of great help because they have travelled down this same road you just started. In order to make your work easier, mentorship from an experienced and successful writer would go a long way in launching your writing career. This will pose as a shortcut to avoid mistakes and to understand how the freelance business works.

All the tips stated above would not work except time and energy is out into it. Like every other business, it is essential to groom your skills and service in order for your writing career to thrive. Of all things, start! Start somewhere; anywhere and begin as procrastination is the hurdle you should get rid of.










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