Why Motivation is So Important to the Writer


Non writers can read a book of a thousand pages within weeks or even days but the time, energy and skill put into the writing of that book can run from weeks to  months; even years. This is because writing is an art which is delicate and the finished work must come out perfectly just how a painter will create a masterpiece with paint and paper.

This may come off as easy when one thinks writing is just thinking up words and penning them to paper but the unique blend of words, thoughts research and time taken to write immensely needs patience and commitment. As a writer, persistence and drive is important to fuel consistency. Often times, these key factors tend to fizzle out due to some unpreventable situations. This is where the writers and non-writers are largely differentiated as the journey of the non-writer ends here. A writer in these times needs motivation to shade off the burn outs. Motivation creates responsibility and at this time, the least you can think of is not the reasons why you write but the satisfaction of the end product. In those times, it is important to write; to write when it is the hardest, write even if it seems what you are scribbling makes no sense.

Can you for a second think about not receiving your daily newspaper which you read with your morning coffee at work just because the writers could not finish up? Motivation to a writer is like fish to sea. It is that driving force that assists in pouring out a writer’s thoughts into words and virtually painting a descriptive picture through words. If writers have no motivation, then there will be no real reason behind writing.

In writing any piece, motivation plays a key role as it assists in prioritizing the important tasks in order to achieve your desired goals and results. It is very easy to think up a plot for a novel or write out an outline for your next book as a writer. However, setting a goal does not get the job done but motivation changes goals to reality.

At the onset of a drawback in writing such as a writer’s block, the easiest path is to succumb to the negative circumstances. Ultimately, motivation not only keeps you going but also drives you in searching for means to change any negative to a big plus.

A popular quote says “Action speaks louder than words” which is true as it is easy to speak and write about motivation but another truth is acting on these words does not come easy. As a writer, motivation is a fuel which needs to be harnessed as it is no natural gift. For some writers, to be motivated only requires them to perceive the finished work even before it is started; for some others it is thinking about the lives their write-up will eventually touch. It is important to understand what makes you tick, what keeps your ink fresh as this will determine your accomplishment and achievements as a good writer.


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