Why Writing Will Make You Question Everything


Writing is the art of expressing emotions, thoughts, and knowledge in the form of a scripture. A good writing can have a strong impact than a good speech. You can read a piece of writing with full concentration only when you are in solitude. Solitude offer you have better understanding of the writing and you can think over it effectively. Writing will make you question everything. Some of the questions that will rise in your mind after reading scripture are as follows:

  1. What is the writing about?

Research has revealed that a person ask better questions after reading complete text than before or after reading. The very first question that rises after reading is that what is the writing is about? The more you analyze the content of the writing, the more proficient and skillful you will become. When you can question the genre or theme of the writing, you can understand it in depth.

  1. Why is the Writing Important?

Before and after reading a specific writing you should ask yourself, why is the writing important for you? What you will gain after reading the text? What urges you to read the text with dedication and what will be the outcomes? You should know whether you have any prior knowledge about the genre of the writing? If yes then try to compare your knowledge to that of the writing. After that analyze the results and make assumptions to know about the importance of the scripture. After that you can easily evaluate the quality of the text up to your expectations.

  1. What is the Message in Writing?

Each scripture or writing has a purpose or message to be conveyed. The message is either optimistic or cynical. Look for the message that the author want to convey. You can acquire message of the author either in positive or negative way in accordance to your life experiences. For example, if the writing is about water in the glass. You can deduce two results from the text. Firstly you can deduce that the glass is half filled with water, and secondly the glass is half emptied. Both results are possible, but it depends on you how you assume it.

  1. Whether you Agree or Disagree with Statements of Author

The comprehensive study of writing gives you insights of it content. On the basis of content of current writing and your prior knowledge you can agree or disagree with the statements of author. You can accept or decline the claims of the writer straight away but that will not make any sense. Prior knowledge to genre or theme of the writing is vital because you have to give reasons why you decline the statements. Without proper arguments your acceptance or decline will not matter to the audience.

  1. Your Beliefs were Changed or not?

You read to gain novel knowledge or to improve the concepts of previous knowledge or to validate your knowledge. If you have prior knowledge of the theme of writing you read, then you have to verify whether your prior knowledge is alike or different. If your beliefs got changed after reading it means the author has strong statements and content is of good quality. For instance, if you think the content of writing is not authentic, you should make counter arguments against it to make a difference.


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