How to Write A Good Essay


How to Write A Good Essay: 5 Useful Tips That May Make Your Writing Better

Writing essays is the one of those things students have to do while studying in school or at the University. A badly-written essay can cause deduction of student’s grade as well as a perfect essay will increase student’s final grade. Moreover, students write more than only one essay during their study period. That’s why essay writing is an important part of study process that is involved in forming final grade.

 Tips On How To Write An Essay

Well-written essay normally has some peculiarities and structure. Keeping those thing in your mind will allow you to write your essay really fast and correctly. What are those peculiarities? Professionals have designed some useful tips on how to write a good essay. Let’s see them.

  1. Always keep correct essay structure. The structure can be different but this one is simple and good enough:
  • Paragraph 1 – Introduction
  • Paragraph 2 – Text 1
  • Paragraph 3 – Text 2
  • Paragraph 4 – Text 3
  • Paragraph 5 – Conclusion

This is logically structured essay which is easy to read and easy to right as well. No need for complicated structure, just write the most important things in the simple way. So let’s look at these paragraphs a bit closer.

  1. Introduction.  This Paragraph is not only for grabbing reader’s attention but also for the main statement of the essay.  Introduction explains why you are writing this essay and what this text is all about.      
  2. Text. The body paragraphs are the main text of the essay. This is where you write the main idea of the text and all the facts, arguments and explanations. For the first body paragraph it’s better to use the strongest argument and or the strongest example. Use this rule every time unless you need to start in another way, for example, when you need to start with chronological explanations.
  3. Always use transitional words or phrases. Their usage isn’t meaningless. Despite many can think that these words are using just to show that this text is written in academic style and this is a kind of tradition, it isn’t true. Such words as “moreover”, “furthermore”, “by contrast” are used for separating different sections of the text. Readers can easily see when one section ends and another starts.
  4. Conclusion is something that sums everything you wrote in the text with one or a few main results of your reasonings. Don’t just rewrite what you’ve written before – write only the most important things in one or two small paragraphs. As bigger your text is, as more sentences and paragraphs you may need to use for the conclusion, that’s why there are no strict rules about the amount of words for the conclusion.

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