How to use twitter in the classroom?


Twitter is a platform which welcomes educational industry with latest updates and guides for teachers as well as students. Students are taking advantage of mere 140 characters to achieve better performance in curricular and non-curricular activities to the level of perfection.

There are many ways to use twitter in the classroom:

  • Update about the assignments

Students and teachers can use this social media platform to update about the assignments which are ether completed or upcoming projects. For students who are not regular with their lecturers, will also be updated about the same.

  • Updated News feeds

News feeds about your assignment or any lecture; can be posted by twitter and be heard to everyone. Twitter is a platform where students are heard harder without even physically standing and announcing an update on the premises stage. Digitalization helps in understanding and being updated about every relevant tag needed to succeed in their school or college.

  • Connect with the group

With everyone addicted to twitters, it becomes an easier approach to be connected with your group of classmates or teachers. It helps in building strong networking and communication that helps in reputing their status in the premises. For students who are introvert to be heard in the premises can shine on the platform like twitter.

  • Questioning

Students with queries about the assignments or lecture timing can use the platform of twitter by questioning about the same. Students can get all the updates regarding their subjects and lectures, what so ever.

  • Sharing of notes

Notes sharing on twitters can help students in understanding requirement of assignment given to them. With hashtag about the notes, students get updated about the latest lectures and their importance even if they were not physically presents there. Such a use of technology helps in the betterment of the students grades.

  • Career listing

This section is one of the most significant benefits of using twitter for student. Students and faculties can mention entire career listing relevant with their subjects and the updates analyzing the same. With the help of career listing, students can get a rain check on their statues and their position on sustaining a better career in future. For teachers and staff sharing career listing on twitter helps in better reputation and trust for the institutes and other premises.

  • Hashtags

Usage of hashtags has been brilliantly resulting into popular searches answered in few seconds. Students can create hashtags for their respective assignments or news feeds. Such a technology helps others to track such hastags and get the required help for their assignments. With social media platform being shared using hashtags, it can solve queries for the students which help them to be updated with the feeds and assignments.

So, don’t be outdated but rather join twitter with all the updates about your assignment waiting for you. With every person from the twitting together can now help you with every possible section of your career. Be the player you always wanted to be. Make your presence on the digital platform! Tweet! As it will help you to hashtag your own life!





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