Where to Get Ideas for Writing Unique Content: Part 1


There is little or nothing that has not been written in time past and the only new write-ups found are usually refurbished or rebranded from a previous post. Writers usually have an issue with creating content that is fresh, engaging and thought provoking and often times, they source for means to think up ideas when creating content for an article or a blog. If at any time you are at a loss on how to produce an original and unique content as a writer, there are several things that you could do to help with such a situation.

A great place to start is getting your readers involved in the case where a followership has already been built. As a writer, your teeming audience can suggest what they want to read about subsequently from you and this does not only allow you write content that is useful to them but it also provides a fresh foundation to write something new and engaging which will be tailored to the desires of your audience. In other cases, surfing the internet and researching on various topics is always great for promoting new ideas for content. Relevant ideas pop into your head and this can be a spin to the next great thing a writer puts on paper. Although this is quite challenging but a unique blend of the information researched on will provide a rich and engaging piece for your readers.

Many articles are born from what was seen either on television show or series. Even the news can come to the rescue of a writer when looking for fresh content. It is always important to stay relevant when it comes to the various happenings as this could help in giving a sense of direction of what to write about.

It is not uncommon for writers to get stuck when it comes to writing. At this point, changing your usual routine will help in breaking the jinx. Fresh ideas can come from a walk, exercising or even resting. There is actually no limit to where the next new idea could come from and this could just be found in music, videos, conversations, newspapers etc.

There have been several write-ups that have been put out there. However, finding that missing information or that missing connect could just be the difference in your writing. It is necessary to think deep far above the surface of what a writer reads in another writer’s piece. Other writer’s work can serve as an inspiration. At some point, revisiting your previous notes and giving your previous posts a makeover can give you a fresh angle you never realized until then.

Ultimately, writing is a skill which needs to be practiced and even sometimes when the writer’s block syndrome may lurk in the corner, it is necessary to know where to look for new and catchy ideas to take your writing to the next level. The normal routine may not suffice all the time but above all understanding your writing abilities and being persistent is key.








Why Writing Will Make You Question Everything


Writing is the art of expressing emotions, thoughts, and knowledge in the form of a scripture. A good writing can have a strong impact than a good speech. You can read a piece of writing with full concentration only when you are in solitude. Solitude offer you have better understanding of the writing and you can think over it effectively. Writing will make you question everything. Some of the questions that will rise in your mind after reading scripture are as follows:

  1. What is the writing about?

Research has revealed that a person ask better questions after reading complete text than before or after reading. The very first question that rises after reading is that what is the writing is about? The more you analyze the content of the writing, the more proficient and skillful you will become. When you can question the genre or theme of the writing, you can understand it in depth.

  1. Why is the Writing Important?

Before and after reading a specific writing you should ask yourself, why is the writing important for you? What you will gain after reading the text? What urges you to read the text with dedication and what will be the outcomes? You should know whether you have any prior knowledge about the genre of the writing? If yes then try to compare your knowledge to that of the writing. After that analyze the results and make assumptions to know about the importance of the scripture. After that you can easily evaluate the quality of the text up to your expectations.

  1. What is the Message in Writing?

Each scripture or writing has a purpose or message to be conveyed. The message is either optimistic or cynical. Look for the message that the author want to convey. You can acquire message of the author either in positive or negative way in accordance to your life experiences. For example, if the writing is about water in the glass. You can deduce two results from the text. Firstly you can deduce that the glass is half filled with water, and secondly the glass is half emptied. Both results are possible, but it depends on you how you assume it.

  1. Whether you Agree or Disagree with Statements of Author

The comprehensive study of writing gives you insights of it content. On the basis of content of current writing and your prior knowledge you can agree or disagree with the statements of author. You can accept or decline the claims of the writer straight away but that will not make any sense. Prior knowledge to genre or theme of the writing is vital because you have to give reasons why you decline the statements. Without proper arguments your acceptance or decline will not matter to the audience.

  1. Your Beliefs were Changed or not?

You read to gain novel knowledge or to improve the concepts of previous knowledge or to validate your knowledge. If you have prior knowledge of the theme of writing you read, then you have to verify whether your prior knowledge is alike or different. If your beliefs got changed after reading it means the author has strong statements and content is of good quality. For instance, if you think the content of writing is not authentic, you should make counter arguments against it to make a difference.

Tips and Tricks to Write Effectively for Web Readers


There is a lot difference between web writing and other writings. The web writing is one which is published over the internet without any print documentation. It is completely different from print writing. In the same way, web readers are a lot different from print readers. The main difference is that the web readers often just skim through the content and read headlines only. Most of the time web readers don’t even bother to read full article. One of the reasons might be that they lose interest in the content quickly if not written well. That is why on the basis of headlines, the web readers decide whether the content is worthy to read or not. If you want to enhance the quality of your web writing, then you should follow the following guidelines.

  1. Make Headings and Sub-Headings

The web readers do not want to waste time reading the entire content of writing. They like to quickly go through the content and read portions of their interests. Make it easier for the web readers to get the content of their choice easily. For this divide your web writing in the form of headings and sub-headings. But the headlines should be clear and relevant to the content. For further grabbing the attention of a web reader, go for making sub-headlines of your web writing. This will make it further easy for the reader to have an overview of your content.

  1. Use Short Paragraphs

Try to be as simple as one idea per paragraph. The shorter will be paragraphs; easier will be for the reader to grasp your information. Web readers lose interest in your writing if the paragraphs are larger, because they are not able to skim through text quickly. It is a matter of common sense that the larger paragraph will be tough to read than that of shorter one.

  1. Use Short Sentences

With the shorter paragraphs, web readers also tend to like shorter sentences. It is very difficult to understand long sentences. That is why the web readers prefer reading shorter sentences to understand the content quickly. The web readers do not have much time to keep on reading a single sentence, until they understand it completely. The optimum size of a sentence should be between 20 to 25 words.

  1. List/Enumerate Key Points

Some people think that listing or enumerating is overdone. But actually, the bad listing is overdone. A list which is relevant to content, concise, and well-written is always better than a bulky paragraph. Lists are preferred by web readers because these are easy to read, easy to scan, and easy to understand. Good web writing always has lists and paragraphs in combination.

  1. High Quality and New content

The web readers have a greed for reading new content. The web readers want the content which they are not able to find in the print writing. Moreover, the quality of the content must be high. The content of your web writing must be organized and chronological or reverse chronological order. The writing must be free of any grammatical, spelling, or structural mistakes. The style of your writing really matters for the web readers. So, keep your writing as simple as you can with new content and high quality.


Time Management Tips to Make Writing Process Much More Easier


There is usually confusion between the notion of working hard and working productively. When faced with a long time span for a writing task, some writers cave in and end up not completing the writing project due to little or no time left as a result of the endless activities they encounter. It is often difficult to set goals for a specific timeframe as a writer because not only do you have to accomplish the task, you also have to wage a war against distractions and unforeseen circumstances. There are high chances that there will be disruptions and so it is important to understand what time is and how to use it effectively to achieve the desired goals.

As a writer, you must understand that managing time is not about shoving and squeezing as many tasks into a day but it is about understanding your habits and rearranging your goals and tasks such that you end up being productive.

These are a few tips that will ensure that your writing task is handled timely:


With careful observation after a period of time, it is necessary to note the period of time during the day  when you are most productive as a writer. This is crucial for your writing as this will ensure productivity is ascertained. Be sure to schedule your work times and organize your task daily. It is also fundamental to lay out achievable and realistic goals for a period of time. Reminders are another great way to ensure you are on track with your writing project.


If the workload is too much to handle, then there is a high chance that it would not be completed at the stipulated time. As a writer, it is important to know when to decline on a writing project if there is not enough time to complete your current job. However, if you must take on new tasks, prioritizing the important ones as well as facing the task with the shorter deadline is necessary.


Do you occasionally check your television for what is showing? Do you like taking naps in between writing? All these are essential to be productive eventually; however, it is important they are done at the right time-BREAK TIME. To avoid burn-outs, break slots should be set in between tasks and this will determine the level of productivity when you work.


A writing project can pose as a huge task and as a writer; you may be unsure of where to start and may later become overwhelmed. At this point, focus is key and you may need to look deeply at what would be required for the completion of the project and set short term goals that are achievable. This reduces the pressure and ensures that you treat the writing project thoroughly.

No matter how effective a writer is; at some point, they may fall under cases where there is little or no time left or too much to handle at once and it could even be procrastination. However, the start to completing any task starts with understanding the way you work best and setting defined goals to achieve them.


Telecommute Careers


Need to telecommute however not certain what you can do?

Would you like to procure a degree that could prompt a fruitful employment telecommuting?

Do you know what sorts of occupations are best to telecommuting?

There are numerous chances to procure an awesome wage with an occupation that should be possible from a home office.

Specialists are pulled in to home based occupations nowadays, since the idea has turns out to be all the more financially and socially worthy. The innovation important to set up a home office is usually accessible and genuinely modest. Specialists today need to invest more energy with their families and are looking for adaptable timetables to nurture kids, and maybe maturing guardians.

Because of innovative advancements, particularly the Internet, home-based specialists have extraordinarily expanded their capacities. In the event that you have pondered gaining your degree in a field that can make an interpretation of into a home based position, look at the accompanying occupations that can be effectively done from home:

Restorative Transcriptionist

Restorative Transcription is exceedingly specific field and requires certain aptitudes and preparing. Medicinal translation a procedure where a man precisely and immediately interprets restorative records managed by specialists and others. The transcription will incorporate medicinal history and physical reports, center notes, office notes, agent reports, counsel notes, release synopses, letters, assessments, lab reports, and so on. Transcriptionists get correspondence by tape, computerized framework or voice records, and after that utilization headphones and a foot pedal for begin stop control alongside a word handling program. There are a few word-preparing frameworks that are utilized. This employment requires excellent listening and dialect abilities, PC aptitudes and information of restorative wording. Numerous therapeutic transcriptionists telecommute based workplaces as representatives or subcontractors for doctor’s facilities and interpretation benefits, or are independently employed as self employed entities.

Transcriptionists need to finish postsecondary preparing through professional schools, junior colleges, and separation learning programs. It is exceedingly prescribed for medicinal transcriptionists to finish a 1-year testament project or 2-year partner degree that incorporates work in life systems, therapeutic wording, legitimateness in social insurance documentation, and linguistic use and accentuation in English.

*Medical Transcription is one of the main home-based callings in the United States.

Visual originator

The Internet has opened a radical new world up to visual computerization experts . Visual architects and artists regularly work in the business of web outline and improvement, and can achieve the world by means of the Internet. These employments should be possible from for all intents and purposes anyplace on the planet. All you need is an Internet association with run an effective and lucrative outline business

Visual planners make visual answers for impart. They utilize an assortment of print, electronic and film media to viably communicate as the need should arise to others. Visual fashioners use PC programming to build up the general format and generation outline of magazines, daily papers, diaries, corporate reports and different productions. Generally, these experts concoct techniques for designs and aesthetic ideas, and they should have the capacity to make visual pictures that connect with, draw in and offer their customers items.

Approximately 70% of visual planners do set off for college and ordinarily major in workmanship, or craftsmanship history, or item outline. Partner degrees and endorsements in visual depiction additionally are accessible from expert schools. These projects for the most part focus on the specialized parts of visual computerization.

*Solo architects, who independent report middle profit of $60,000.


Little organizations are discovering it progressively more prudent to outsource their bookkeeping and accounting needs to contractual workers. These temporary workers regularly telecommute workplaces. With a couple of rudiments, for example, a fax machine, copier and PC with the best possible programming, you can be en route to a lucrative vocation as a home based bookkeeper.

As a bookkeeper, you work with organizations and people to give charge arranging and readiness of tax documents, month to month money related reports, reviews, charging and finance administrations. Bookkeepers some of the time offer more extensive administrations that incorporate spending examination, money related and venture arranging, and information rmation innovation counseling. As a bookkeeper, y ou ought to be exceptionally open to working with numbers, and be conscientious – and a large portion of all, composed.

Bookkeepers are required to hold a lone rangers degree in bookkeeping or a related field. Extra expert acknowledgment can be acquired through accreditations or licensure, a graduate degree or capability in bookkeeping programming. These supplementary certifications can give you favorable position when you are showcasing your home-based bookkeeping business.

*Bookkeepers win anywhere in the range of $22,500 to $52,500 every year

Other well known work from home vocations incorporate, yet are not restricted to:

Land specialist

In spite of the fact that these positions are work from home inviting, land dealers and deals specialists frequently work nights and weekends and for the most part are available to come back to work to suit the necessities of customers.

*The middle yearly pay of a land specialist is $58,720

Selection representative

Vocation, enlistment and situation masters enlist and assess candidates and endeavor to match them with customer firms. Drawing the most qualified workers and coordinating them to the employments for which they are most appropriate is imperative for the accomplishment of this profession.

*Recruiters made by and large $80,958 every year

PC developer

With cutting edge innovation so promptly accessible, working from home is getting to be basic for an extensive variety of PC experts, including PC software engineers. With the development of PC systems, software engineers can be used to make rectifications or fix issues remotely by utilizing modems, email and the Internet to interface with a client’s PC.

*Median yearly income of PC software engineers $62,890

Money related counselor

Individual money related counselors generally assess the budgetary needs of people, giving them an extensive variety of choices. Individual money related counselors, additionally called budgetary organizers or monetary advisors, utilize their insight into speculations, charge laws and protection to prescribe monetary choices to people.

*Median yearly income of individual money related consultants $62,700

Advertising master

Advertising masters handle authoritative capacities, for example, media, group, shopper and administrative relations political battles vested party representation strife intervention or worker and financial specialist relations. These experts get ready public statements and contact individuals in the media who may print or communicate their material.

*Average yearly profit for advertising authorities $43,830


Most employments in this classification require an advanced education in interchanges, reporting or English, in spite of the fact that a degree in a specialized subject might be helpful for specialized written work positions. Most scholars and editors need an essential recognition with innovation, routinely utilizing PCs, desktop or electronic distributed frameworks, scanners and other electronic correspondences gear.

* Median yearly income for salaried essayists and writers $44,350

Your Guide on How Commence a Freelance Writing Career

Your Guide on How Commence a Freelance Writing Career

Many people often branch out to freelancing for different reasons. There is a misconception about the ease of being a freelance writer and a lot of people sign up on websites offering services and they end up deserting these profiles. Being a writer does not just involve opening a word document on your computer and writing down words on a topic. It is important to understand how to begin in order to build a strong foundation to launch your writing career.

You may need to start up by:


There is a popular phrase that states that ‘Jack of all trades master of none’. In order to begin your freelance career, you may need to pick an area of expertise and concentrate on improving your skill in that area. Experience has proven that it is better to be an expert in a field as it is better to be the first point of contact for any need that comes up in the area you choose to specialize. Also, it is necessary to choose a niche you enjoy in order to avoid struggling in the long run.


The next important step is to build a profile worthy of your abilities. Often times, freelancers describe what they are unable to offer and this may spell doom for clients who hire them when they are unable to deliver the job. In starting out, you must be honest about what you can deliver within what time and be patient to grow as a freelancer’s career takes time and effort to build.


Most newbies fail to understand the idea behind pitching and they end up not getting any clients. As a freelancer, being able to narrow down the clientele you will like to work with poses as an important step in your career. Kindly note your client’s budget and pitch within that range.


The more experience you acquire as a writer, the more money you will receive. Spend more time researching and sharpening your writing skills as this will increase your value as a freelancer and attract clients to you. It is also important to stick to your delivery promise and build a lasting business relationship with your clients as potential clients are more likely to give out jobs to freelancers with glowing feedback and comments.


Mentors are not a necessity but they will be of great help because they have travelled down this same road you just started. In order to make your work easier, mentorship from an experienced and successful writer would go a long way in launching your writing career. This will pose as a shortcut to avoid mistakes and to understand how the freelance business works.

All the tips stated above would not work except time and energy is out into it. Like every other business, it is essential to groom your skills and service in order for your writing career to thrive. Of all things, start! Start somewhere; anywhere and begin as procrastination is the hurdle you should get rid of.